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Welcome to our website!

Our educational programs for comprehensive schools increase and improve educational methods, providing teachers flexibility in monitoring and assisting pupils.

User friendliness and flexibility of our programs inspire pupils to learn and offer a solution for learning challenges. With the help of our programs it is possible to improve the learning results.


Mikrolinna Oy dates back a good 15 years, specializing in learning software. The software products are primarily targeted at comprehensive schools and vocational institutes. In Finland, our sales are mainly managed by means of independent representatives. We supply learning software in mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Our main product, called Moppi, has about 2300 installations in Finnish schools. We export our products to Sweden, Norway and Lithuania. An English translation is also available.

More than 70% of the Finnish comprehensive schools already use our products. We have designed our products in an easily translatable form so that the programs can be easily translated into other languages.

Mikrolinna Oy,Finland

Phone: +358 10 322 1234