Mattekongen® is the most well-known mathematics e-learning program in Finland! Now it is available also in Norway!

Mattekongen is is a computer-assisted education program which has been planned to be used as a complement in mathematics studies. Our programs, called Moppi, has about 2300 installations in Finnish schools. Mattekongen® inspires, motivates and gives variety to teaching.




For pupil

  • 5000 different kind of exercises
  • a lot of exercises clarifying basic concepts in the curriculum
  • The exercises are renewed automatically
  • The exercises motivate to learn
  • plenty of challenging exercises even for more advanced pupils
  • Spoken exercises on the grades 0 and 1
  • plenty of clarifying animations
  • different kinds of answer types (clicking in the picture, checkboxes, radio buttons...)
  • registration of the answers with the student’s own name and password (list of the performed exercise groups)

For teacher

  • program which is easy to use and can be used as a complement for different kinds of textbooks
  • use of animations in the teaching
  • creating of new exercises and editing of the old ones
  • addition of picture, sound and animation
  • review of results of single pupils and of a class
  • copying of the exercises on the paper











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