Elektroninės matematikos pratybos Math King


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Electronic activity book of mathematics Math King

Computer based educational programs of mathematics Math King (for 6th – 10th grades) were developed by Finnish company Mikrolinna together with educational experts. It features both teaching materials and exercises. Currently, it would be an excellent supplementary material for the textbooks in mathematics in our comprehensive schools, providing a tremendous assistance for mathematics teachers not only in organizing independent students work, but also in examining and grading their achievements. The aim of this article is to provide a brief analytical description of computer program Math King .


Math, just as any other subject, has to provide the joy of knowledge. Even if the book is simple, clear and easy to understand, it isn‘t going to set the kids free from exhausting activity - solving the excersizes by writing to the notebooks, and if something goes wrong – scraping and re-writing. Computer software Math King is made in order to expand students‘ skill and put it into practice. The computer screen replaces the notebook, the student has to type in the action, part of it, or a result by using mental skills. This software checks every action the student types in, and doesn‘t let trough any mistakes, and when a student makes a mistake, the software dislplays the correct answer. The most valuable aspect of this software is that when mistake is made, you can get help. Help – animated,detailed formulas , main rules and explanations of the given type of the excersize. Excersizes are usually displayed in order from the most difficult to the least one, which strenghtens thefeeling of improvement, while at the same time motivating the student to study all by him self.

Finnish elementary school pragrammes and books contain topics which fit the lithuanian ones, that’s why Mikrolinna’s made software – Math King (5th-10th grades) is the perfect addition to our school books, asistant for teachers not only for organising independent students’ practice, but even checking, and rating their skills. The software can be used in English, because math is a subject which works the same in all languages. Now, due to IBN (International Business Network), programme is localized to lithuanian langage and it can be used by every lithuanian student or teacher. Altough there is no translation for similar math digital workbook – MKP which is great for elementary schools. The programme is great because it can be used not only for studying the current topic, but also for previous ones. MKP has a clear sturcture, exersizes are given in topics. It’s also easy to use.


It can be used in various ways:

Every student registers individualy. He can track its own progress. Teacher has the rights to change, difference, individualize, get reports about students work and progress.


All topics are listd in the main window. Every one of them Has its own sub-topics. Every sub-topic test is made from 10 to 20 exersizes, which changes every single time the test window is opened. Exersizes are listed from the least difficult to the most difficult, while also displaying similar exersizes, so student could improve his skills. For example 7th-8th grades topics related to multi-participants contain even 19 different exersize complects. Exersizes are different types.



In the first of fifteen given tasks, student can choose from one of the given answers. The correct answer has to be checked by clicking the mouse. If mistake is made the selected answer becomes pink and the help button begins blinking. If two mistakes are made, you can’t  correct yourself anymore, the correct answer is displayed, for which the student gets no points. In the bottom of the screen the progress bar displays the percent of the exersizes done, while upper right corner displays the percent of the exersizes done correctly. That’s rating in the scale of 100.


When the blinking button is clicked, help window appears. The help window provides detailed  explanations how to solve the exersize. In this picture we can see the help window for equation. Everything is provided with helf of animation: nubers and variables move, jump from one side of equation to another, even the changement of the signs to the opposite. Animated help like this one is available in all the topics. It can be used to teach a new topic, remember an old one, or for studying all by yourself. Teachers can ask students to comment on the actions they see, analize them and provide conclusions.


To ease the work in more difficult cases, software provides examples, remembers the main rules, explains how tocorrectly type the answer. It can be typed by keyboard or using mouse, to click the buttons In the software window. Buttons update accordingly to the exersize requirements, which makes it easy for students to type in the answers.

Exersizes can be skipped, and solved later. Tools also include calculator.



In some cases student is given squared page, which can be used to solve the exersize just as in the notebook, and after typing it into the answer field. After every correctly given answer an encouraging sentense is displayed, which makes studying funnier and also motivates the student. There’s an idea to itnegrate math to English language lessons. Exersizes contain a lot of illustrations, diagrams, sketches, which are enchanted with lively drawings.


After finishing all the exersizes of the selected test, software provides the results. It lists the number of correctly provided answers at first attempt, 2nd attempt and wrong answers. Students results are saved, and it can be checked by the teacher later on. After fnishing the test again, the results are compared, and average results can be also seen, that’s a way to be aware of students progress. It motivates student to be responsible for his results, participate in the process of studyingm rate new mathematical skills and abilities.


There’s a variety of exercizes, which contain all 5th-10th grade math topics. This programme improves the main, and special math abilities. While orking with it, student improves mathematical way of thinking, comunicating, problem solving, ability to study independently skills, and the interest in math is being raised.






.MKP Math King exercize systems fit 5th-10th grades math programme.


The figures and calculations. Writing the real numbers, comparison of the number of delay on line, the rounding of the places mentioned, arithmetic operations with these numbers. 
Phenomena, equations, inequalities, systems. Alphabetic and numeric values for events, actions, and the degrees of square roots. Multi-transformation of equations and inequalities decision. 
Relationships and functions. Directly and inversely proportional to the size dependence, expressed as a table, graph or formula. 
Geometry. Related and cross-angles, straight lines parallel properties, the Pythagorean theorem. 
Metrics and measurements. The relationship between different units of measurement setting, scale. Plane figures in the areas triangular and rectangular prisms, regular pyramids, cylindrical, cone-surface areas and volumes calculation 
Statistics. Finding statistical information and analysis. Sample Reading Characteristics invention. 
Probability. Test the outcome of probability calculation.

The organizement of a lesson depends on its goals and type. If new topic is being explained, computers can be used, projectors, or interactive board. Practice lesson can be done in IT class, where all the students work independently and individualy. It’d be great, if students could use the software at home. It would become the best tool of practice for tests, additional studying, improving weak spots, studying after being sick, missed out. Program would be perfect for studying remontely or in virtual environment.



The program offers extensive integration with other subjects dummy options: 
• English language - mathematical terms, textual problems; 
• Economy - per cent, monetary units, price, etc..; 
• Geography - the scale, the plane coordinates, area, perimeter, etc..; 
• Physics - the measuring scale, measuring units, direct and inverse proportionality.